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Equipment for your mission

Military, Law Enforcement and Emergency Services


SDS Group Australia

SDS Group Australia is driven to offer the best of breed products into the Australian security and defence industry, all SDS equipment is required to perform in critical situations often in the most harsh and inhospitable environments.  SDS Group Australia strives to work with manufacturers at the pinnacle of our industry to offer both new innovative technology and products with a proven deployment history. One of SDS’s key features is to listen and understand the end user requirements and find the ideal equipment best suited to meet or exceed client expectation, there really is no requirement too big or too small.

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SDS Group Australia

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Proudly working with:

SDS Group Australia are very proud to offer both proven products and new technology from the following manufacturers:

United Shield International Logo | EOD suit | Bomb suit | Search suit | Olympia bomb suit | Hawker bomb suit | Craig Seckerson
PelGar Logo | Insect repellents | Decontamination kits | Military Insect Repellents | Law enforcement Insect repellents | DKP1 | DKP2 | Fullers Earth | Craig Seckerson
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ABP | Remotely Operated Vehicle | Bomb disposal robot | Sentinel robot | Guardian robot | Archer robot | AB Precision | Craig Seckerson
Plymouth Rock technologies logo | X1 UAS | Drone | XV UAS | X1 Drone Australia | XV Drone Australia | Craig Seckerson
SDS Group Australia, SDS Group, SDS, Military and law enforcement suppliers | Insect Repellents | Military insect repellents | Permapel EX4+ | Citriodiol | X1 Drone | XV Drone | Bomb Suit | Craig Seckerson

Company founding member and Director, Craig Seckerson trusts in the manufacturers that SDS Group Australia works with, they produce some of the most advanced military and law enforcement products available today. Each manufacturer offered by SDS has flexibility within their product range, designs can often be altered to meet specific end users requirements. It is recognised that that the roles within the military and law enforcement agencies are often very similar from country to country, yet there will be subtle differences. By recognising the variances, understanding the processes involved and possible design changes, Mr. Seckerson believes only then can a company declare to offer a fully bespoke service.