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Anti-Drone Technology

SDS Group Australia are proud to offer Droneshield counter drone technology, the Droneshield advanced products provide protection against unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) threatening security, privacy and ultimately safety. The state of the art detection and countermeasure products aid security against the significant and growing threats that drone technology makes possible.

DroneGun Tactical

Long Range, Portable Drone Countermeasure

The only drone countermeasure product on the market with the following safety certifications:

  • DRAM (Dommages dus aux Rayonnements Electromagnetiques sue les Armes et Munitions): Safety standard on proximity to weapons and ammunition (Europe)

  • DREC (Dommage dus aux Rayonnements Electromagnetiques sue les Carburants): Safety standard on proximity to fuels (Europe)

  • DREP (Dangers des Rayonnements Electromagnetiques non ionisants sue le Personnel): Personnel safety standard (Europe)

  • SAR (Specific Absorption Rate): Personnel safety standard (Australia/New Zealand)

NATO Stock Number: 5865661650137

DroneGun Tactical, anti-drone technology
RF Patrol, anti-drone technology


RfPatrol is a highly versatile, wearable drone detection device. The device offers the user real situational awareness without distraction or complex operation. RfPatrol has been designed to be highly effective for a variety of operators in a range of demanding environments. The RfPatrol can be operated in two modes, ‘Stealth’ and ‘Glimpse’, allowing the user to control how they receive alerts. The device is supported by ‘DroneShield Link’ that allows operators to keep their devices database up to date with the changing threat environment.

DroneGun MkIII

The DroneGun MkIII is a compact, lightweight drone countermeasure designed for one hand operation. The product provides a safe countermeasure against a wide range of drone models. It allows for a controlled management of drone payload such as explosives, narcotics and other contraband. This intervention will not damage common drones models or surrounding environment due to the drones generally responding via a vertical controlled landing on the spot, or returning back to the starting point (assisting to track the operator), with an immediate cease of video back to the drone pilot.

RF disruption activation will also interfere with any live video streaming (FPV) back to the remote controller halting the collection of video footage and intelligence by the drone operator.

Additional DroneShield counter measure technology includes:

DroneGun MkIII, anti-drone technology
RFZero, anti-drone technology

RfZero - Omni-Directional, Fixed Site Drone Detection

DroneSentinel, anti-drone technology

DroneSentinel -  Integrates DroneShield’s suite of sensors in a unified platform deployable in permanent or temporary installations.

DroneSentry, anti-drone technology

DroneSentry - Fully integrated sensor suite of DroneSentinel, combined with the DroneCannon RF countermeasure capability.

DroneNode, anti-drone technology

DroneNode - Inconspicuous, highly portable counter-drone defence.

Please contact SDS Group Australia for further information on Anti-drone technology.

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