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Decontamination Kits

SDS Group Australia are proud to offer decontamination products manufactured by PelGar. PelGar produces a range of NATO registered decontamination kits, an essential part of military equipment that has been tried, trusted and used for over 50 years. The decontamination kits can be used for any CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radioactive, Nuclear) incident. They also provide personal protection from chemical and bodily fluid contaminants.


PelGar’s personal decontamination kits contain modified Fullers Earth; a naturally occurring sedimentary clay composed mainly of alumina, silica, iron oxides, lime, magnesia and water, in variable proportions. PelGar modifies, balances and packages the components to create an absorbent decontaminating material for personal in field application and decontamination. The decontamination process involved is the physical absorption of the agent from surfaces, skin, clothing and footwear.

Salisbury CBRN, Fullers Earth, Police Decontamination

UK Police decontaminating after a chemical incident


NATO flag, decontamination kits australia, DKP1, DKP2

DKP1 MK3 - Personal application sachets Kit - NSN 4230-99-852-6195

The DKP1 kit contains four double sewn sachets each containing 20g of Fullers Earth.

This pack has been specifically designed for self application even when wearing gloves - simply rip open the sachet, insert two fingers and apply using the BLOT-BANG-RUB method. 

Fullers Earth, DKP1 Australia, PelGar DKP1 Australia
Fullers Earth, DKP2 Australia, Pelgar DKP2 Austrlaia

DKP2 MK2 - Personal Puffer Pack Kit - NSN 4230-99-376-9442

The kit contains 94g of Fullers Earth in an easy to use puffer pack. The pack is idea for use on boots, helmets, and other peripheral equipment. 

FE Technical - 500g Shaker Pot - NSN 6850-99-220-2636

When additional Fullers Earth is required, the conveniently sized 500g Fullers Earth in a shaker-pot offers options from a dispenser that enables wide area application or larger dousing quantities from the dual functioning cap.

Fullers Earth, FE Technical Shaker pot, PelGar FE Technical Shaker Pot Australia


PelGar also produces a Chemical Agent Decontaminant (CAD) kit to decontaminate vehicles, service equipment and stores which have been contaminated with liquid chemical warfare agents.

Stored in it's original packaging in a dry and internationally accepted storage conditions, PelGar confirms it has an indefinite shelf life.

FE Special 3.85kg Bucket - NSN 6850-99-225-2413

Decontamination of soiled footwear is effectively achieved by shuffling through modified Fullers Earth poured from the 3.85kg bucket into a shallow trough.

FE Special Bucket, PelGar FE Special Bucket Australia, Fullers Earth

Please contact SDS Group Australia for further information on decontamination kits.

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