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X-Ray Systems

X-ray technology can be used in many ways for security to increase safety and public well-being. Inspection of lost luggage, bomb defusing, inspection of suspicious objects and many more duties can be accomplished through the highly mobile X-ray security solutions offered by SDS Group Australia. Typical end-users of our systems are counter IOD/IED, counter surveillance, border control, customs and special forces, our main goal is to offer the most light-weight and easy to use systems that deliver cutting-edge image quality with a single click. The complete X-ray system is designed to fit into an army backpack and weigh under 25kg to ensure the highest mobility. SDS Group Australia are pleased to offer the highest quality X-ray systems, that are certified and used by the German Army and NATO.


SDS Group Australia X-ray range includes a broad choice of Flat Panel Detectors (FPD/DDA) and Computed Radiography (CR) IP plates, each solution is proven in the field and are of a military rugged design to endure the harshest and most demanding conditions. The systems can be deployed and utilised at a safe distance with the advanced WiFi system covering over 1.5km and an internal battery system offering a run-time of at least 6-hours. The integrated software is very intuitive and simple to use, to help end users the software can be customised and operated through touch-tables, tough-books and many other computer devices.

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Please contact SDS Group Australia for further information on portable X-ray systems.

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