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Remotely Operated Vehicles - ROV

SDS Group Australia fully understands that our customers frequently put themselves into high risk situations and must be able to rely on the equipment we supply such as our Remotely Operated Vehicles or ROV for bomb disposal – a responsibility we take extremely seriously.  The ROV’s listed below demonstrates how advanced our equipment offer is, through many years of company R&D and listening to feedback from the front line operators enables SDS Group to supply the best and most reliable equipment to military and emergency service departments.



Delivering enhanced protection for the human operator, the Guardian Remotely Operated Vehicle is well suited to high-risk, demanding environments including Improvised Explosive Device Disposal (IEDD) and Conventional Munitions Disposal (CMD). Exceptionally versatile, Guardian can deploy a range of weapons and tools to carry out hazardous tasks quickly and safely. The Guardian offers class-leading versatility all within a exceptionally small footprint, it offers excellent flexibility to allow operation in a variety of terrains and environments. The track module positioning provides extensive manoeuvrability and stability in challenging situations including obstacle climbing, stair climbing, and confined space navigation. Guardian's innovative payload head enables simple articulation and positioning of the payload against the chosen target, making it an exceptionally quick and efficient ROV to deploy on the most challenging missions.

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The Archer ROV is the latest EOD ROV in the Cyclops family. Building on decades of worldwide service, the Archer ROV has been designed for the modern EOD environment. Controlled by digital MESH radio communication or over protected fibre optic cable, the Archer ROV is the latest vehicle to ensure your safety at a distance. It has custom selectable frequencies, within two frequency bands, and uses high quality video systems with no flicker or drop out, ensuring accuracy in real-time. With its impressive <1km range (band dependent) and ability to tackle a variety of environments the Archer is a formidable device for remotely deploying IEDD equipment. The Archer can be fitted with a variety of additional accessories such as disruptors and manipulators enabling the ROV to have a range of varied capabilities. Its diverse nature and robust manufacture makes it the perfect solution to a variety of different difficulties. 


This large and extremely manoeuvrable ROV is currently being widely deployed by military, law enforcement and security agencies around the world. The Sentinel is a heavy duty, reliable and robust EOD robot with applications extending to CBRN. Sentinel is a large highly versatile ROV, with its six independent wheel motors it can handle the most difficult and hospitable terrain, including sand, marsh and rock. It is incredibly manoeuvrable which allows the Sentinel to climb 35 degree inclines. The manipulator arm has a lifting capacity of 75kgs retracted and 30kgs extended, it offers 2.4m vertical reach and 1.2m horizontal reach with various speed control, giving the operator confidence and the skill for the most difficult of tasks. The Spot light feature increases this further, it offers an extremely detailed and close range observation. The Sentinel has exceptional communication with an extended radio range of up to 1km in a built-up area and line of sight is >2km making the ideal robot for the harshest of assignments.​

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