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Unmanned Aerial Systems

SDS Group Australia are proud to offer such a new advanced technology, Plymouth Rock Technologies (PRT) was formed by highly experienced scientists, engineers and business executives to develop and commercialise combined sensory and intelligence products.

PRT is at the leading edge of UAS technology development and integration. Their systems are precisely engineered to exceed the design and capabilities of commercial drones, built entirely from NATO-coalition sourced components, the UAS platforms will enable airborne visual weapons and object detection, facial recognition, in addition to thermal and ultra-high-resolution capabilities.

Coupled to the custom SmartAP Software, bringing artificial intelligence, sensors and drone flight safety together, making PRT drones a formidable tool with multiple capabilities.

X1 logo.JPG

X1 Multirotor Unmanned Aerial System

The X1 is a purpose built coaxial multirotor Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS). The X1 was designed with the direct input of law enforcement, intelligence agencies, military, and rescue services.

Using state of the art co-axial heavy lift motors in the X1 UAS, the performance has been greatly improved over traditional co-axial propeller designs. These coaxial corrections combined with a 40% increase in motor torque deliver a propulsion platform that is unequalled in its performance and power to weight capability.


  • Both free and tether flight capable

  • 9kg/20lb payload 

  • Adverse weather capable/snow and rain flight 

  • Night operation 

  • 45mph wind flight capable 

  • 4K HD video recording/1080p video downlink

  • Radiometric thermal imaging with military spec infrared capability

  • Full BVLOS capability 

  • Full autonomous capability 

  • Ultrasound sensor (option)

  • Ground penetrating radar (option)

  • X-ray remote suspect package inspection (option)

  • Long-range military spec data feed and control (option)

X1 UAS Australia, Plymouth Rock X1 Australia, X1 Drone, X1 UAS
X1 UAS flight, X1 UAS Australia, Plymouth Rock X1 Australia, X1 Drone, X1 UAS
XV logo.JPG
XV UAS takeoff, XV UAS Australia, Plymouth Rock XV Australia, XV Drone, XV UAS
XV UAS takeoff Australia, XV UAS Australia, Plymouth Rock XV Australia, XV Drone, XV UAS

XV VTOL fixed-wing UAS

The XV is a fixed-wing UAS platform with the added capability of vertical take-off and landing (VTOL). This unique capability allows operators to extend their operational range while removing the requirement for a large runway – the XV can launch from an area as small as 8 square meters fully autonomously and operate for up to 7 hours.

The XV platform will enable extreme long-range surveillance for border security, military, search & rescue, and naval operations. Using intuitive point and click flight planning and automatic anticollision systems managed by artificial intelligence will allow the remote operator to concentrate on the mission.

XV Features

  • Integrated sensor packages to support law enforcement, intelligence, military, and rescue services

  • Thermal detection combined with 1080p real-time air-to-ground streaming and 4K HD video recording

  • Multi-Payload mountable, designed to fly advanced surveillance technologies to EOD equipment and more

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered autonomous capability supports manned and unmanned UAS 'swarm' missions

  • Adverse weather flight capable

  • Auto-avoid for all airspace environments

  • Automatic Take-off and Landing with VTOL capability –Return to Home (RTH) and Return to Transmission Site (RTTS) (moving asset) modes

  • Guided Modefor ‘Point and click’ autonomous mission flight mode, follows pre-determined flight plan

  • Loiter Modeenables the pilot to draw a flight path around an area on the map –UAS will remain at it’s holding altitude

  • Long Endurance flight capable due to lightweight composite airframe, coupled with advanced design and components, allowing for flight endurance of up to 7 hours

  • Hybrid propulsion combines gasoline forward flight and rechargeable battery propulsion for take-off and landing

  • Quick Reaction Deployment, from case to air in 6 minutes

X Command Software, Plymouth Rock Technologies, Drone Australia, UAS Australia

X Command Software

Applications include

  • Law Enforcement

  • Three-Letter Intelligence Agency Operations

  • Military – Multi Role

  • Search & Rescue Services – Fire, Coastguard, Mountain

  • Security

  • Surveillance

  • Border Patrol and Services

  • Reconnaissance

  • Cargo Ship Protection

  • Sensor Testing Platform

  • Non-Destructive Testing and Aerial Inspection

  • Research

  • Mining Aerial Research

  • Agriculture and Farming

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